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Thu Sep 4 06:57:19 CEST 2008

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> I don't see where an appearance of conflict of interest
> would come into play.  I'm pretty sure Michael doesn't
> have any products or services that would work better with
> "zh-pinyin" than with "zh-Latn-pinyin", nor does he
> represent any company or organization that does.

No; but he does represent himself as a service provider in this and other industry processes, and he has a stake in his own opinions that can potentially stand in the way of the right technical decisions.

I don't want to dwell on that at particularly, but he flatly opposed registering a tag for Latin-American Spanish for the longest time because he was convinced of his own judgment when he didn't understand the real and valid implementation-related needs for it, and I'm reminded of that in this situation.

> If you want to claim that Michael's position is ill-informed or not well
> thought-out, or not adequately defended, that is a different matter.

Well, it was basically my comments to Mark, suggesting that he not simply concede to Micheal if Michael's position wasn't sound, that led to this little sub-thread.

> Note that I'm not saying it is; I don't much care between "zh" and
> "zh-Latn" since this field is informative.

I suspect that most people reading the registry will not know that and will simply take it as guidance, "This is what prefix to use with this sub-tag."


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