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Mon Oct 6 17:53:24 CEST 2008

On 6 Oct 2008, at 16:06, Phillips, Addison wrote:

> The clock rules we are currently using:
> - you MUST allow at least two weeks for any given request

Well, for a technical change to a request, I take it. Formatting of  
bibliography or whatnot would not apply.. or would it?

> - (per 4646bis) the final record must appear at least one week prior  
> to submission to IANA

No objection to that practice; I note we did allow agreed editorial  
corrections during that one-week period.

> I again note that the form of the subtags doesn't really matter to  
> me, but 'uccor' and 'ucrcor' are visually difficult to distinguish.  
> I don't know what the Cornish word for "revised" is, but would  
> suggest using one more letter to make the visual distinction  
> clearer. Something like 'ucrvcor'? While it isn't important to  
> software, people may make mistakes when choosing subtags or reading  
> tags.

UC Unified Cornish
KU Kernewek Unyes

UCR Unified Cornish Revised
KUA Kernowek Unys Amendys

KK Kernewek Kemmyn

KS Kernowek Standard

uccur, ucrcor, kucor, kuacor... There's no real optimization possible  
here. Since the user community uses UC and UCR (more then KU and KUA)  
it seems prudent to stick with those.

Michael Everson *

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