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Tue Nov 18 23:43:20 CET 2008

some standard mechanism for tagging web pages or sections of
text as having been machine-translated.  Corpus building
using the Internet is very important for minority and medium
sized languages.  See for example:

This could be jeopordised if large amounts of machine
translated text started appearing on the Internet.  (I see
that Google Translate now does Irish Gaelic and Icelandic.)
It would at least help the situation if the main translation
facilities could automatically tag their output as having
been machine translated.

> so that such texts can be excluded in certain applications.
> (including search engines!)

I don't think you would necessarily want to totally exclude
machine translated text from search engines - It would be up to
the search engine.  But hopefully they would give it a very
different status from human generated text.


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