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Tue Nov 25 19:25:51 CET 2008

I think what Kent is saying here has some merit; but for Moldavian, it seems that if someone wants to identify the differences between spoken Moldavian and Romanian, a variant subtag would be an option. . . & that's all this list can offer, too, in this matter (as far as I understand things).   There is no need to identify the written differences.
C. E. Whitehead
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> Den 2008-11-22 04.53, skrev "Peter Constable" <petercon at>:
>> >> (A purist solution, linguistically, would have been to deem Akan as an>> individual language and deem the others as dialects, hence out of scope and>> worthy of deprecation. That seemed a bit drastic, however.)
> Given the recent history with Moldavian in ISO 639, doing what you suggest> here does not seem to be too drastic.
        /kent k
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