ID for language-invariant strings

Peter Constable petercon at
Thu Mar 20 04:23:56 CET 2008

Here's where I see this discussion having come to:

- There was some agreement that it would be good to document a recommended tag for reference-name scenarios such as the one I described.

- It led to a tangential proposal that the denotation of "zxx" could be broadened to 'not applicable' (Karen is following up with the JAC).

- There was general opposition to a new code element for reference-name scenarios such as the one I described (Randy indicated some support but several were opposed).

- There was *not*, however, any consensus as to *what* code element should be used for reference-name scenarios.

At this point, since I need to move forward on drafting text for OpenType, it appears I need to make my own choice between "und" and "zxx" for OpenType reference names.


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