Frank Ellermann nobody at
Thu Jul 31 22:13:32 CEST 2008

Phillips, Addison wrote:

> requiring the use of the 'Latn' subtag goes against the
> spirit of one of the language tagging maxims, which is:
> only use a subtag if it adds information.

The idea of Mark's requests is apparently to disambiguate
zh-Latn, because there are at least two popular styles of

Therefore zh-Latn is where he starts, adding the info what
kind of zh-Latn it is (for the two kinds he cares about).

Removing the "Latn" from resulting tags is not helpful for
users interested in any kind of zh-Latn.   It would break
zh-Latn matching.

Slightly exaggerated, we also don't remove de from de-1900
just because 1900 is a known German disease.  The Slowenian
variants of one Slovenian variant are more convincing, but
I'm too lazy to check their fine print.


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