Duplicate Busters: Survey #1: [aru] and [arx]

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Hello All,

I'll take the duplicates cases one at a time (for those that I think the 
ISO 639-3/RA needs to comment on).

[aru] Aruá   and    [arx] Aruá
The 2008-054 change request handling was the cause of this duplication. In 
the interest of maintaining stability in the "reference name" I missed 
seeing the duplication with [arx] resulting from adding the acute to the 
former name "Arua" used with [aru].

ISO 639-3/RA Recommendation: an update to the change request outcome to 
make "Arawá" the reference name for [aru] rather than "Aruá", which will 
be retained as an additional name.

This can be processed immediately; it does not have to wait for the annual 
review process.

Joan Spanne
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Duplicate Busters: Survey #1

This is the first of two surveys that are being distributed to both the 
LTRU and ietf-languages groups, to determine how to resolve two 
different types of duplicate Description information in the IANA 
Language Subtag Registry.  The results will affect the contents of the 
future (RFC 4646bis) Registry, and some of the results may affect the 
current (RFC 4646) Registry as well.



Type: language
Subtag: aru
Description: Aruá
--> REPLACE WITH: Aruá (Arauan)
Description: Arawá
Added: 2029-09-09

Type: language
Subtag: arx
Description: Aruá
--> REPLACE WITH: Aruá (Monde)
Added: 2029-09-09

Both of these are listed in Ethnologue as "a language of Brazil," so 
region cannot be used as a distinguishing feature.  'aru' is extinct, 
but this is also not a good attribute by which to distinguish the two, 
especially since 'arx' has only 12 speakers itself.  'aru' is listed as 
a member of the Arauan language family and 'arx' as a member of the 
Monde family, so this seems to be the best choice.

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