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Agreed. Any other changes people think we should make?

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> Mark Davis scripsit:
> > To distinguish Chinese content written in Latin characters using the
> Pinyin
> > romanization
> Here we have a sticky naming problem with political overtones.  In most
> of the world, "Pinyin" means the romanization officially called "Hanyu
> Pinyin".  In Taiwan, however, the closely related system Tongyong Pinyin
> is officially in use, though not mandatory outside government contexts.
> The word "pinyin" by itself just means "alphabet", so both systems
> correctly use it in their names.
> I really do not want to go to "hypinyin" or the like for what is far
> and away the most common system.  But I'd change "Pinyin" in the
> Description field and elsewhere to "Hanyu Pinyin", add words like
> "as used by the U.N." to bullet point 5, and drop "particularly from
> Wade-Giles" altogether.
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