Recent changes to ISO 639

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Jul 30 07:09:11 CEST 2008

A few changes to the ISO 639 code lists, which affect the Language 
Subtag Registry, have been made in recent weeks.  These changes were not 
announced on this list, and due to my recent move and the closure of my 
"" e-mail address, which carried my WatchThatPage 
subscription, I didn't spot these changes until today, while researching 
something else.

The effect of these changes on the Registry can be summarized as 

Type: language
Subtag: oc
DELETE: Description: Provençal

Type: language
Subtag: pro
ADD: Description: Old Occitan (to 1500)

Type: language
Subtag: wal
DELETE: Description: Walamo
ADD: Description: Wolaytta
ADD: Description: Wolaitta

These changes appear to be reflected in ISO 639-3, which also has new 
downloadable files as of July 11.  This fact isn't relevant to the 
Registry at present, but will be upon publication of RFC 4646bis.

There is an additional change to ISO 3166-1, going back to April, which 
I remember seeing but hadn't taken any action on:

Type: region
Subtag: MD
DELETE: Description: Moldova, Republic of
ADD: Description: Moldova

I will send proposed new records in the proper format to this list in 
the next day or two, so we can start the Review Clock™ and get these 
changes into the Registry.

Doug Ewell  *  Thornton, Colorado, USA  *  RFC 4645  *  UTN #14  ˆ

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