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At 08:27 -0800 2008-01-29, Peter Constable wrote:

>It's not entirely clear where it originated. The 
>639-3 RA tells me that it was in the draft code 
>tables (I confirmed it was in the very first 
>working draft) because it was in Ethnologue 14 
>(which I've also confirmed). But Ethnologue 
>doesn't generally catalogue constructed 
>languages. The Ethnologue Editor replied to my 
>inquiry indicating that he intends to remove all 
>constructed languages except in case there is 
>evidence of a significant population of people 
>using one as a first language.

This seems a pity, as they are harmless. How many 
are there currently? Volapük, Interlingua, 
Esperanto, and Klingon are, I suppose the most 
wide-spread conlangs today.
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