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Tue Jan 29 19:36:55 CET 2008

Peter Constable scripsit:

> Regardless of how it originated, it's apparent that it was in the
> draft code table for 639-3 from the beginning -- that's since 2002 --
> and nobody commented on it. And it's apparent that it's not something
> we would have coded in retrospect if we were careful. Well, in a very
> large code set, I'm not at all surprised to find there's a bit of junk,
> and it's easy enough for us to take care of it: we just deprecate
> it. It's hardly reason to reject 4646bis, as Frank has suggested.


In any case, it's very easy to write: I undertake to produce an arbitrary
number of documents in Europanto to back up the one I already have at .

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