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Tue Jan 29 04:43:19 CET 2008

Frank Ellermann <nobody at xyzzy dot claranet dot de> wrote:

> Sure - I consider to ask in the Last Call to *REJECT* 4646bis,
> because the ISO 639-3 source is not yet good enough to run on
> auto pilot wrt this list, and the proposed "disputed territory"
> region codes are IMO harmful for IANA.

While my distaste for the new region subtags, and concern over the 
instability of 639-3, is well known, I think rejecting the draft would 
truly be a case of throwing out the good with the bad.

> Nope, only as second sanity check, this list could catch "eur",
> but that is pointless if 4646bis *requires* its registration.

I don't believe this group can justify cherry-picking the European 
languages while being unable to judge, say, whether Khasi and Lyngngam 
should have been split (see

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