Frank Ellermann nobody at
Tue Jan 22 16:45:05 CET 2008

Doug Ewell wrote:

>> This tag is requested for the localization of
>> MediaWiki into this dialect.

> It looks at though this sort of thing will be an increasing
> source of variant subtag requests.  Readers will recall that
> "ortograf" was requested to pave the way for a software
> translation project, not to tag actual linguistic content.

It's kind of hard to use a subtag before it exists, and asking
for some evidence in the form of pages trying say de-x-erzgeb
would be also strange - we didn't do that for the dialects of
a Slovenian dialect.  Or for en-boont.

FWIW there are 631 Google hits for "erzgebirgisch site:de",
some of them apparently talking about or using the dialect.

> does this properly fall within the domain of language 
> tagging?

If folks write books about the dialect, what's the problem ?

Again FWIW, <> is
a "featured article", mentioning 500,000 speakers.


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