Doug Ewell dewell at
Tue Jan 22 16:09:15 CET 2008

While this is a very well-written and well-researched proposal, I do 
have one minor nit to pick and one greater concern.

> Suppress-Script: Latin

Variants don't have Suppress-Script values, so this line will be 
deleted.  If this subtag is approved, the tag "de-erzgeb" would take its 
Suppress-Script value from the language subtag "de".

> 6. Any other relevant information:
> This tag is requested for the localization of
> MediaWiki into this dialect.

It looks at though this sort of thing will be an increasing source of 
variant subtag requests.  Readers will recall that "ortograf" was 
requested to pave the way for a software translation project, not to tag 
actual linguistic content.  Does this request have a similar motivation, 
or does this properly fall within the domain of language tagging?

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