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One difference between the Valencian variant tag and Alsatian is that the 
region of Valencia could not be indicated with an ISO 3166 country code. 
France can be represented by one of these codes.

As far as a significant amount of new content becoming available on the 
web in various dialects of gsw, I'd say this is more unlikely with written 
content. However, video (spoken) content may merit this tag separately 
from any tag that appears on the HTML page level, which may very well be 
in standard German. Video content is increasing.


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> *why* Alsatian content needs to be tagged separately from gsw.

Because it is a distinct dialect (see the references I gave), in the
same way that valencian is a dialect of catalan and so deserved a 
Variant subtag.

You need to describe what other variants of Alemanic would be referenced 
by de-FR. If there aren't any, then de-FR is sufficient.

A second issue is that Alsatian speakers do not think of themselves as
speaking "Alemannic" and that the idea of using gsw alone may be
difficult to "sell" to these people.

We are tagging languages, not names of languages. The fact that some 
people call a language, dialect, or variant by a different name doesn't 
justify having a variant subtag.

> Do you anticipate Web pages with distinct content for Alsatian than
> other gsw?

Yes, although I must say there are very rare now.
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