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Wed Jan 9 02:36:15 CET 2008

On 8 Jan 2008, at 19:40, Mark Davis wrote:

> The question is whether gsw-FR is sufficient to identify it, or  
> whether there are there are communities of Alemanic speakers in  
> France that don't speak Alsatian.

This response seems to neglect temporal considerations. You also have  
to guarantee that there have not been any other Alemmanic dialects  
previously spoken, and that there will not be any in future.

Population movements (forced or otherwise) to increase non-alsatian  
gsw speakers in FR, and future border changes (maybe France will give  
Alsace to Germany in exchange for Wollonia?) could easily make gsw-FR  
change in meaning, unless the date it was tagged was also known and  
respected when interpreting tags.

- Nicholas.

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