Addition request: alsatian

Michael Everson everson at
Mon Jan 7 10:50:37 CET 2008

At 14:30 +0100 2008-01-04, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:

>  > >2) A search problem: there is no easy way in the registry to find a
>>  >tag for alsatian.
>>  Type: language
>>  Subtag: gsw
>>  Description: Alemannic
>>  Comment: gsw-FR represents the Alsatian dialect
>That seems a possible solution. What do other people think of it? For
>me, it could be a reasonable choice.

if gsw-FR identifies the same entity as your 
proposed gsw-alsatian, then this annotation is 
preferable. If that satisfies you, Stéphane, 
please withdraw your request for the -alsatian 
Michael Everson *

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