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On 26 Aug 2008, at 11:59, Yury Tarasievich wrote:

> Michael Everson wrote:
>> But what do you do about automated spell-checking?
> About nothing. There are 3rd party module for MS Word and some sort of
> aspell dictionary, usable in linux -- both not worth much, I hear.

Well, that problem's nothing new. But then I can't even get an en-GB- 
oed spell-check dictionary. When I can, I use a Canadian one, since  
that's closest.

My point is that if you had a spell-check dictionary for the Academy  
orthography, would you want it to be the 1959 spelling? The 1985  
spelling? The 2008 spelling? And what happens when in 2022 they adopt  
a modified Taraskievica and *that* becomes the "Academy" spelling?

That's why I favour YYYYacad.

>>>> In principle 1959acad, 1985acad, and 2008acad could be quite  
>>>> useful in
>>>> such a context.
>>>> "Academy" by itself is too vague, and could apply to any country.
>>> But "be-academy" couldn't, right? (Yes, it's the "Institute of
>>> Linguistics of Academy of Sciences of Belarus" which the controlling
>>> body.)
>> Yes, I was trying to ask "How do you say that in Belarusian?"
> It's "Інстытут мовазнаўства  
> (Нацыянальнай) Акадэміі навук  
> Беларусі".
> Right now it's reorganised as an Institute of language and literarure
> ("Інстытут мовы і літаратуры..."), actually.  
> Their don't seem to have
> any official site worth to talk of. Have a look starting at
> (Academy's site).

I had been wondering whether something like movakad would do, but I  
prefer YYYYacad.

Michael Everson *

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