4646bis era (was: wadegile and pinyin LANGUAGE SUBTAG REGISTRATION FORMs)

Frank Ellermann nobody at xyzzy.claranet.de
Tue Aug 26 04:31:01 CEST 2008

Phillips, Addison wrote:

> After that would be publication of an IESG review and last call,
> which cannot be shorter than four weeks.

At least two weeks for WG documents.  Not counting the months
to answer all questions I could ask about 4646bis when I get
a round tuit.  After the IETF Last Call it needs a time slot
in an IESG telechat for the IESG ballot, that depends on the
AD and the next telechat, obviously.

> I think it safe to say that we are at least eight weeks from
> the “4646bis” era

After approval sixty days for appeals, and "it happened" would 
be an understatement wrt 4646.  IANA is fast to do what they
are asked to do in approved RFCs, the RFC-editor is meanwhile
also fast, the sixty days could cover all post-approval tasks
including AUTH48, number assignment, announce, and publish.

I think six months from Last Call to number is more realistic,
that's what it took for "Archived-At" (RFC 5064) back in 2007.
No "4646bis" era in 2008.  


> more probably (let’s be realistic) somewhat longer than that.

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