stq vs. frs

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Tue Apr 29 23:10:44 CEST 2008

John Cowan wrote:

>> The "East Frisian" nds dialect is a dialect.   

> Or not.  It doesn't have "an armey un a flot",
> that's for sure.

They had, that is how they assimilated that part
of Frisia, leaving only the Saterland islands of
Frisian language far to the South of the Eastern
Frisian province.

At some point in time Jever belonged to Russia,
IIRC, but I digress.  <>
is how I found it, it was recently created by
the Language subcommittee on

Clearly that is about the Frisian language, but
it can't tell me what ISO 639-2 had in mind back
in 2005 for "frs".  I always *assumed* that frs
must be a Frisian language, not an nds-dialect.

Admittedly the first vs. second row in...
...appear to be not *too* different, but there
are lots of plausible reasons why the languages
are mixed today.


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