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Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Apr 21 08:30:02 CEST 2008

Mark Davis <mark dot davis at icu dash project dot org> wrote:

> I am forwarding a requested fix for TP/TL.
>> The ending date for TP and the beginning date for TL in the IANA 
>> language subtag registry are wrong.  ISO 3166-1 V/5 
>> (, effective 
>> 2002-05-20, indicates the code change.  ISO 3166-1 V/6 
>> (, effective 
>> 2002-11-15, indicates a name change from "East Timor" to 
>> "Timor-Leste".  Thus, TP's deprecation date should be 2002-05-20, 
>> which is the same date that the code is created.
> The person double-checked all of them, this was the only region subtag 
> problem he found. I don't think the procedures allow this to be fixed 
> yet, however (forwarding to LTRU).

This is a bit embarrassing, actually, since I probably came up with that 
date and this is the sort of trivial detail I usually get right (perhaps 
at the expense of deeper issues).

Having said that...

Not only do the current rules not allow us to change a Deprecated date, 
I'm not sure it matters any more, since LTRU is talking about changing 
the rules to allow subtags to be un-deprecated, and has stated that 
reconstructing the state of the Registry as of a particular date is no 
longer a goal.  It may be that the exact date of deprecation will become 
totally irrelevant, and only the status (deprecated or not) will matter.

In any event, since the Registry did not exist until 2005, it can't make 
much difference on which date in 2002 a given subtag is declared to have 
been deprecated.

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