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Sat Apr 12 21:05:30 CEST 2008

<Karen underscore Broome at spe dot sony dot com> wrote:

> I haven't received notification from the LOC yet, but it appears that 
> the ISO 639-2 authority has approved "not applicable" as an alternate 
> name for zxx.
> If this needs a change request form, I'm happy to create one, but I 
> think synchronization with ISO changes doesn't need a form, right?

I think it was agreed in LTRU that in the RFC 4646bis era, *all* changes 
to the Registry, including those that simply keep step with the core ISO 
and UN standards, need to have a registration form for archiving.  This 
is in addition to posting the proposed new record on this list for a 
week before submission to IANA.  And I think it was agreed here that we 
would start following the RFC 4646bis-era rules, even though they're not 
in effect yet.

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