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Sat Apr 12 20:36:04 CEST 2008

Think it is up to the language subtag reviewer to submit the changes (although anyone can do so if after a couple of weeks nothing has been submitted)--but is there is a one-week waiting period after the change is submitted to the list before the change can be submitted to IANA?



section 3.3

"Maintenance of the registry requires that as codes are assigned or withdrawn by ISO 639, ISO 15924, ISO 3166, and UN M.49, the Language Subtag Reviewer MUST evaluate each change, determine whether it conflicts with existing registry entries, and submit the information to IANA for inclusion in the registry. If a change takes place and the Language Subtag Reviewer does not do this in a timely manner, then any interested party MAY use the procedure in Section 3.5 to register the appropriate update."

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> Hi all,

> I haven't received notification from the LOC yet, but it appears that the
> ISO 639-2 authority has approved "not applicable" as an alternate
> name for
> zxx.


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