Konkani Suppress-Script

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Daniels, P.T., Bright, W., 1996. The World's Writing Systems. New York:
Oxford University Press. P.372

An authoritative reference to the use of the Roman script for Konkani.


Debbie Garside

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> Subject: Konkani Suppress-Script
> Currently the Suppress-Script: field for Konkani is set to Deva.
> I believe this should be removed on the following evidence
> from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konkani_language#Scripts :
>         Konkani is written in a number of scripts. Brahmi was
> originally
>         used but fell into disuse. Devanagari is the official script
>         for Konkani in Goa. Roman script is also popular in Goa . The
>         Kannada script is used amongst the Konkani population of
>         Karnataka. Malayalam script is used by the Konkani community,
>         centered around the cities of Cochin and Kozhikode in Kerala
>         state. Konkani Muslims in coastal Maharashtra and
> Bhatkal taluka
>         of Karnataka use Arabic script to write Konkani.
> There is a reference here to
> http://www.india-seminar.com/2004/543/543%20madhavi%20sardesai
> .htm , which is specifically about Goan Konkani (treated as a
> separate language by ISO 639-3 under the Konkani
> macrolanguage umbrella).  Devanagari may be official in Goa,
> but it is not clear that that should be treated as the
> dominant script for Konkani as a whole.
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