Modification Request: frr (Suppress-Script: Latn)

Doug Ewell dewell at
Tue Oct 9 00:04:59 CEST 2007

Addison Phillips <addison at yahoo dash inc dot com> wrote:

>>> Now please, there's been quite enough meta-discussion.  Let's nail 
>>> down the policy on ltru at, since it appears that what is 
>>> already written is insufficiently clear.
>> Fair enough, but I expect not to hear any handwaving about leaving 
>> the details up to the discretion and judgment of ietf-languages and 
>> the Reviewer(s).
> Why not? Handwaving can sometimes be effective.
> Just because the current reviewer doesn't wish to document his 
> reasoning behind decisions and just because nobody on the list has the 
> temerity to try and document a "sense of the list" statement doesn't 
> mean that we should *necessarily* have to do it in 4646bis.

But... but... the LTRU co-chair said LTRU has to nail down the policy 
that ietf-languages has to follow.  Which is it going to be?

(BTW, this wasn't intended to be a comment about Michael.  Practically 
no two members of this list seem to have the same vision of how 
Suppress-Script fields are supposed to be assigned.)

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