[Ltru] Re: New scripts

Martin Duerst duerst at it.aoyama.ac.jp
Tue Nov 27 07:26:41 CET 2007

At 13:49 07/11/27, Doug Ewell wrote:
>Mark Davis wrote:
>> We have new scripts on http://www.unicode.org/iso15924/codechanges.html. Can you prepare the forms for IANA?
>I'll send them to ietf-languages, which is where this maintenance request actually belongs.  They'll have to sit there for a week before being sent to IANA.
>BTW, I wonder how many people would have predicted, years ago when the basic rules for script subtags were formulated, that ISO 15924 would eventually add code elements for "Mathematical notation" and "Symbols." Section 3.4 says they must be added to the Registry, no cherry-picking allowed, and that seems fine in principle, but these two are at least as irrelevant to tagging of natural-language text as are the region subtags 'AQ' and 'BV', or the language subtags 'mis' and 'und'.

Well, there are a lot of people, especially here in Japan, using
little symbols or images in their emails/sms. If you want to tag
these, a script subtag for symbols may come in handy :-).

Regards,    Martin.

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