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Tue Nov 27 09:32:52 CET 2007

At 20:49 -0800 2007-11-26, Doug Ewell wrote:

>BTW, I wonder how many people would have predicted, years ago when 
>the basic rules for script subtags were formulated, that ISO 15924 
>would eventually add code elements for "Mathematical notation" and 
>"Symbols." Section 3.4 says they must be added to the Registry, no 
>cherry-picking allowed, and that seems fine in principle, but these 
>two are at least as irrelevant to tagging of natural-language text 
>as are the region subtags 'AQ' and 'BV', or the language subtags 
>'mis' and 'und'.

We had the option of NOT adding them to ISO 15924, but then 
permanently "reserving" their codes so that people could use them. 
This is what ISO 3166 does so that people can have "EU".

We didn't think that was better than putting them in the actual list. 
But note that we named them with an initial Z-, which shows that they 
are not really scripts.
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