IPA's double life (RE: New scripts)

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Tue Nov 27 16:51:20 CET 2007

Mark Davis scripsit:

> > 2) Is there any precedent for specific characters or ranges in
> > Unicode to be covered by more than one ISO 15924 code? I believe I
> > recall there are a few cases, but that they are exceptions.
> In Unicode, the association between script and character forms a complete
> partition. Each character has exactly one script. Any characters that are
> used in multiple scripts have the script value = common or inherited

That said, there are orthographies that use letters from more than one
Unicode script (Cyrillic-based Kurdish uses some Latin letters), and of
course the fact that a *document* is in the Latin script does not exclude
the possibility that it contains characters from other scripts, as any
book on Greek philosophy in English or German (at least) will reveal.

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