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Tue Mar 20 15:42:07 CET 2007

>> Comments: 17th century French, as catalogued in the "Dictionnaire de
>>     l'académe françoise", 4eme ed. 1694; frequently includes
>>     elements of Middle French, as this is a transitional period
> I still don't like the long, encyclopedic comments, but I appear to have 
> lost this battle and I can live with it.

I replicated what the CE Whitehead asked for. Comments are allowed to be 
long (well, longer).

>> Description: Late Middle French (before 1606?)
> Please, let's do away with this question mark.  It will merely make the 
> user unsure of the purpose of the tag.  Better to just say "(before 
> 1606)" in the spirit of ISO 639 descriptions, which also assign 
> more-or-less precise boundary dates.

I forgot the question mark, which I originally inserted because I 
inferred the date, not because the registrant asked for it. I think it 
should be removed.

>> Comments: 16th century French as in Jean Nicot, "Thresor de
>>     la langue francoyse" 1606;
> Was something supposed to appear after this semicolon?  I suggest 
> removing it.

Apparently not.

> If nobody has any objections, I'll send Official Registration Forms with 
> these minor changes (and some tiny mechanical ones, like lowercasing 
> "variant") to the list and to Michael.



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