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Addison Phillips <addison at yahoo dash inc dot com> wrote:

> From the archive:
> ---
> Type: Variant
> Subtag:  1694acad
> Description: Early Modern French
> Prefix: fr
> Preferred-Value:
> Deprecated:
> Suppress-Script:
> Comments: 17th century French, as catalogued in the "Dictionnaire de
>     l'acad&#xe9;me fran&#xe7;oise", 4eme ed. 1694; frequently includes
>     elements of Middle French, as this is a transitional period

I still don't like the long, encyclopedic comments, but I appear to have 
lost this battle and I can live with it.

> Type: Variant
> Subtag: 1606nict
> Description: Late Middle French (before 1606?)

Please, let's do away with this question mark.  It will merely make the 
user unsure of the purpose of the tag.  Better to just say "(before 
1606)" in the spirit of ISO 639 descriptions, which also assign 
more-or-less precise boundary dates.

> Prefix: frm
> Preferred-Value:
> Deprecated:
> Suppress-Script:
> Comments: 16th century French as in Jean Nicot, "Thresor de
>     la langue francoyse" 1606;

Was something supposed to appear after this semicolon?  I suggest 
removing it.

If nobody has any objections, I'll send Official Registration Forms with 
these minor changes (and some tiny mechanical ones, like lowercasing 
"variant") to the list and to Michael.

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