Mark Davis is unhappy with the LSR

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Sat Mar 10 19:27:52 CET 2007

Hi, my comments below,

> >
> > - the RFC 4646 clearly indicates that the reviewing list should be
> > ietf-languages at, that the LSR should be selected by the IESG.
> > The present situation where Harald Alvestrand as a BoD Member of
> > Unicode is the owner of the list and not the IANA, and you have been
> > designated a long ago by Harald Alvestrand who is not even a Member of
> > the IESG, creates a growing opposition to the RFC 4646 LSERegistries.
> > This is increased by the rempant opposition to ISO 639-3 we can
> > observe. In consensually accepting RFC 4646 (for the US Lagacy
> > Internet, as per the Tunis agreement) I intended that the
> > ietf-languages at would regroup responsible persons from SIL,
> > UNESCO, ISO TC 37 and 46, Chairs of ISO et JTC1 WGs, ITU,
> > Francophonie, CON, MAAYA, MINC, etc. etc. representatives, etc.
Hmm, how is this going to be done?
These are fine I guess--seems a good idea to have representatives from these 
at IETF; IETF also includes librarians and persons who work in private 
companies that have to either tags languages (Wikipedia), or in software 
companies that create applications that create/process tags; so do not leave 
those out.

Of course, right now it is mostly haphazard and volunteer.

I see no problem also in having at-large members who create web content.


--C. E. Whitehead

> > way decisions could have been for changes, additions and withdrawals.
> > In this I explained many times that I represented entities which are
> > now on the ietf-languages at list or directly served by Bcc.
> > This should have warranted the interoperability Doug Ewell seems to be
> > the only one to care about (together with ANSI and possibly Peter
> > Constable, if this is not through ISO 11179).
> >
> > I definitly think it would be a good turn of yours _many_ would
> > appreciate, if you helped making the RFC 4646 respected?
> >
> > Take care
> > jfc
> >

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