[LISTNAME] in subject line

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Mar 3 17:14:49 CET 2007

Don Osborn scripsit:

> Personally I think it is helpful for occasions when one wants to visually
> scan a list of many email titles to know what are from a particular list.
> But not essential as long as most other lists do it so one can, as Marion
> suggests, interpret by the posters and titles what list is likely involved
> in the titles without [listname] (unless there is a big volume on this list
> and another topically related list without [listname] in title).

I like it too.  But the other side is that message titles are usually
displayed in a fixed-width column (and many people still use mail
clients where the width cannot be changed easily), and so the space
occupied by "[ietf-langs]" or the like means that much less space
for the actual subject.

There will probably never be agreement on this point, so the only
thing is for all of us to learn to live with both styles.

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