[LISTNAME] in subject line

Don Osborn dzo at bisharat.net
Sat Mar 3 15:09:00 CET 2007

Personally I think it is helpful for occasions when one wants to visually
scan a list of many email titles to know what are from a particular list.
But not essential as long as most other lists do it so one can, as Marion
suggests, interpret by the posters and titles what list is likely involved
in the titles without [listname] (unless there is a big volume on this list
and another topically related list without [listname] in title).


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Marion Gunn
> On 2 Mar 2007, at 19:55, scríobh Randy Presuhn:
> >
> > I personally
> > find it of little value
> > and don't really care whether they do or don't.
> Neither do I really, especially since most lists relevant to me are
> clearly so flagged, hence it's not a bother if I'm in a cybercafe
> with time running out and IETF mail scans like private mail from
> people who just happen to be on the same list.:-)
> mg

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