[LISTNAME] in subject line

Marion Gunn mgunn at egt.ie
Sat Mar 3 13:02:26 CET 2007

On 2 Mar 2007, at 19:55, scríobh Randy Presuhn:
> ltru at ietf.org is just as much an IETF mailing list as ietf- 
> languages at iana.org

I know.

> There is no IETF-wide policy on putting list names on the subject  
> lines for IETF
> mailing lists,

I know.

> and attempts to gain agreement on one have repeatedly failed
> in the past.

That I didn't know.

> Though the lists I manage do insert their names,

I know. Just like mine.

> I personally
> find it of little value
> and don't really care whether they do or don't.

Neither do I really, especially since most lists relevant to me are  
clearly so flagged, hence it's not a bother if I'm in a cybercafe  
with time running out and IETF mail scans like private mail from  
people who just happen to be on the same list.:-)

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