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Michael Everson yazmış:
>> 2. The following transliteration would in fact be more accurate, (2.1.
>> being beyond any dispute based on current practice in Azeri):
>> 2.1. Birlesdirilmis Jeni Tyrk Elifbasi
>> 2.2. Janalif
> Fine.
>> 3. I maintain my original position that content and encoding are
>> separate issues.
> Evidently irrelevant. The unreadable hex encoding is what has been
> insisted on, and UTF-8 has been refused. (So Doug tells me.)
OK, i sent an email to ltru on UTF-8 and XML, w/o subscribing, just to
get a feel for it myself.
>> There's a bunch of tags in
>> that use character escapes and don't transliterate anything.
> Yes, and they should all get informative transliterations to help humans
> to use those files.
I personally think doing so would be counter-productive, because deep
down we probably all know that the destination is UTF-8, so it will have
to be undone. It's just a matter of when.
>> I'm sorry to tell you this, but i will have to submit another modify
>> request, if what Michael referred to above in fact has been submitted,
>> and in fact shows up in the registry.
> There is no need. Doug and I can re-submit with the spellings you gave
> above.
It would be my preference to do UTF-8 w/o transliterations, but if
that's not feasible, then i wouldn't mind transliterations shown above,
if you absolutely want to have transliterations.
It's a bit strange though that this would be the only record w/
transliterations in the whole registry. And if 5 years from now we go to
UTF-8, there would probably need to be an update to that record that
removes transliterations.
> Then I pray we will hear no more about these subtags, and you can just
> go and use them.
Yes, i'd like to complete baku1926.

I don't promise not talking about other variants, however: including the
2nd one from last fall.


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