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Wed Jun 20 19:14:04 CEST 2007

At 12:03 -0500 2007-06-20, Reshat Sabiq (Res¸at) wrote:

>I have to object to this transliteration for 3 reasons:
>1. It implicitly legitimizes (or can be interpreted as doing so) a
>random way of transliteration from baku1926 to ASCII, w/o any
>substantiation thereof.

I know something about transliteration. It was not "random".

>2. The following transliteration would in fact be more accurate, (2.1.
>being beyond any dispute based on current practice in Azeri):
>2.1. Birlesdirilmis Jeni Tyrk Elifbasi
>2.2. Janalif


>3. I maintain my original position that content and encoding are
>separate issues.

Evidently irrelevant. The unreadable hex encoding 
is what has been insisted on, and UTF-8 has been 
refused. (So Doug tells me.)

>There's a bunch of tags in
>that use character escapes and don't transliterate anything.

Yes, and they should all get informative 
transliterations to help humans to use those 

>I'm sorry to tell you this, but i will have to 
>submit another modify request, if what Michael 
>referred to above in fact has been submitted, 
>and in fact shows up in the registry.

There is no need. Doug and I can re-submit with the spellings you gave above.

Then I pray we will hear no more about these 
subtags, and you can just go and use them.
Michael Everson *

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