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Michael Everson yazmış:
> I have forearded this to IANA with two informative parenthetical
> additions. You may remember my complaint that � entities are not
> legible to humans. These subtag entries *are* intended to be legible to
> humans. The final sentence now reads:
> Also known as: New Turkic Alphabet; Birlәşdirilmiş
> Jeni Tyrk Әlifbasь (Birlasdirilmis Jeni Tyrk alifbas');
> Jaŋalif (Jangalif).
Is it common practice on this list to edit things behind closed doors
and then submit them w/o any discussion? This has happened twice for
this 1 variant request. This does not look like a proper procedure to
me. Do we have a separate standard for Turkic languages here? Why did we
not hold thıs edition to the same 1-week holding period that i heard
about for my last edition?

I have to object to this transliteration for 3 reasons:
1. It implicitly legitimizes (or can be interpreted as doing so) a
random way of transliteration from baku1926 to ASCII, w/o any
substantiation thereof.
2. The following transliteration would in fact be more accurate, (2.1.
being beyond any dispute based on current practice in Azeri):
2.1. Birlesdirilmis Jeni Tyrk Elifbasi
2.2. Janalif
3. I maintain my original position that content and encoding are
separate issues. There's a bunch of tags in
that use character escapes and don't transliterate anything. There
should be a single decision to go to UTF-8, or whatever, and it should
be applied to all tags. If you don't go to UTF-8, then you should
transliterate all tags, but that again will raise the question of a
particular way of transliterating in each case.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but i will have to submit another modify
request, if what Michael referred to above in fact has been submitted,
and in fact shows up in the registry. I'm sorry, but i don't see any
other way.


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