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Sun Jun 17 21:37:48 CEST 2007

I have forearded this to IANA with two informative parenthetical 
additions. You may remember my complaint that � entities are 
not legible to humans. These subtag entries *are* intended to be 
legible to humans. The final sentence now reads:

Also known as: New Turkic Alphabet; Birlәşdirilmiş 
Jeni Tyrk Әlifbasь (Birlasdirilmis Jeni Tyrk alifbas'); 
Jaŋalif (Jangalif).

It is easy for someone who knows anything about Turkic and who sees 
this to guess that the "s" that corresponds to ş is s-cedilla. 
But otherwise ş is just incredibly annoying.

At 11:42 -0700 2007-06-17, Doug Ewell wrote:
>Type: variant
>Subtag: baku1926
>Description: Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet (Historical)
>Added: 2007-04-18
>Prefix: az
>Prefix: ba
>Prefix: crh
>Prefix: kk
>Prefix: krc
>Prefix: ky
>Prefix: sah
>Prefix: tk
>Prefix: tt
>Prefix: uz
>Comments: Denotes alphabet used in Turkic republics/regions of the
>  former USSR in late 1920s, and throughout 1930s, which aspired to
>  represent equivalent phonemes in a unified fashion. Also known as: New
>  Turkic Alphabet; Birlәşdirilmiş Jeni Tyrk
>  Әlifbasь; Jaŋalif.
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