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Thu Jun 7 15:49:15 CEST 2007

CE Whitehead <cewcathar at hotmail dot com> wrote:

> Whatever happened to Reshat's request to change the comments field of 
> baku1926 ??
> The two week review period has passed.

Here is the "final" proposed record, with all spacing as it would appear in 
the Registry.  Addison proposed that this should be available on-list for a 
week before registering the subtag.

Type: variant
Subtag: baku1926
Description: Unified Turkic Latin Alphabet (Historical)
Added: 2007-04-18
Prefix: az
Prefix: ba
Prefix: crh
Prefix: kk
Prefix: krc
Prefix: ky
Prefix: sah
Prefix: tk
Prefix: tt
Prefix: uz
Comments: Denotes alphabet used in Turkic republics/regions of the
  former USSR in late 1920s, and throughout 1930s, which aspired to
  represent equivalent phonemes in a unified fashion. Also known as: New
  Turkic Alphabet; Birl&#x4D9;&#x15F;dirilmi&#x15F; Jeni Tyrk
  &#x4D8;lifbas&#x44C;; Ja&#x14B;alif.

I don't oppose this modification, since it corrects an error in one of the 
alternative names for the alphabet.

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