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>In reaction to some comments in the discussion so far I decided to request
>"only" one more variant subtag for a Resian minor local dialect, viz. the
>Lipovaz dialect. It has enough phonetical, phonological and lexical
>features to make it distinct from any other Resian local dialect and,
>thanks to the efforts of Sergio Chinese, a considerable amount of written
>documents is piling up. Apart from that, the Lipovaz dialect is already
>known from samples of spoken language taken down in the 18th century.

. . .

>Dal Vangelo secondo Luca (prima parte)/Od Lukë Uanǵëlë,
>translated by Sergio Chinese.

Since there is a translation into this dialect online, I see no reason not 
to give it a subtag--especially since, as Han has pointed out, this dialect 
has made its way into quite a bit of writing.

However, I note it's a minor dialect; that's my only reservation:

(See a previous email under the subject:

"Variant tags for sl-rozaj: History and preliminaries" )
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Sat Jun 9 06:35:49 CEST 2007

>The terms "major" and "minor" refer to the number of speakers as well as to 
>the number of isoglosses separating the dialects.

But so long as a minor dialect occurs in written form online I would think 
even a minor dialect qualifies for a subtag.

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