Variant tags for sl-rozaj: standardized Resian

Doug Ewell dewell at
Thu Jul 12 16:43:30 CEST 2007

I think there might be some terminological confusion here.  As I 
understand it, Han is using the term "standard Resian" to refer to the 
standard *dialect* of the Resian language (or the Resian dialect of 
Slovenian), as opposed to the local dialects such as "biske".  (Here I 
am using the word "dialect" in the linguist's sense, to mean a language 
variety in general and not necessarily an unofficial or substandard 
one.)  This meaning can be indicated by using plain "sl-rozaj" as 
opposed to, say, "sl-rozaj-biske".

At the same time, Han has proposed a variant subtag for "Standardized 
Resian" that refers to an orthography, which can be used to write any of 
the dialects (as indicated by the five Prefix fields for this variant).

I believe this wording is potentially confusing, and may have been what 
led CE Whitehead to ask "is there a spoken form for this orthography?", 
which makes no sense, as an orthography is defined as a set of written 
conventions for a language.

To resolve this, I suggest that the Description for "1994" be changed 
from "Standardized Resian" to "Standardized Resian orthography".

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