Variant tags for sl-rozaj: standardized Resian

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Han, Thanks much for the info!

--C. E. Whitehead
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(+1 for subtag; more comments below)

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>The new standard exists then alongside other, individual orthographies.
>The most prolific author who uses his own individual orthography is at the
>moment Sergio Chinese. We will meet him in the next round of requests. As
>there are no signs that these individual orthographies are spreading to
>other authors, I would refrain form requesting orthography subtags for
>these as well. They can be most appropiately tagged with private use

??? Well their orthography will then not be universally recognized.

>The local authorities (i.e. the municipality of Resia) display an
>ambiguous position. The mayor in office from 2000 up until now once
>rejected an offer by the province to have bilingual direction signs as
>well, because agreement could not be reached on the orthography to be
>used. On the other hand, he financed the preparation and publication of
>"Piccolo dizionario ortografico resiano".
>My guess is that he does not love the new standard, but that he has no
>viable alternative to turn to. And he does need Standard Resian in order
>to obtain recognition for the minority with the higher authorities.

I suspect that it will be the only option, so I favor the subtag for this 
use and for the small community of authors that uses it.

>So much for village politics.
> >
> >
> > Also is there a spoken form for this orthography?  I gather not.
>No, there is not, and there is not intended to be.



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