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Mon Jan 29 22:01:04 CET 2007

Hi, Gabriel, I make a suggestion for your "comments" field below
(in my suggested comment, I am following Addison's suggestions for 
>Hi Gabriel,
>>If you considerate it more accurate, I will remake the initial request
>>according to RFC 4646 and your suggestions. (I hope you like it!)
>>I have writen the field "Description" in english, french, spanish and
>>valencian itself; please, chose the more appropiate of them or leave all 
>>you prefer.
>None of these is inappropriate. I do note that in English the description 
>should be capitalized.

>I don't think the problem that thorny. Your chosen descriptions convey the 
>point quite clearly. I should note that either would make a useful comment 
>in the registry, although I would omit the parenthetical "Spain" (since 
>Communidad Valenciana, while certainly *in* Spain, is a distinct entity).
>I support the registration of this record as submitted.
>I would gently suggest a mildly different form:
>Type: variation
>Subtag: valencia
>Description: Valencian
>Description: valencien
>Description: valenciano
>Description: valencià
>Prefix: ca
>Comments: Variety spoken in the "Comunidad Valenciana"
>   region of Spain, where it is co-official
>Addison Phillips

Hi, maybe for the comments,

Comments:  Variety spoken in the "Comunidad Valenciana" region, where it is 
co-official with Spanish.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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