Request for variant subtag fr 16th-c 17th-c RESUBMISSION

Frank Ellermann nobody at
Sat Jan 27 01:21:34 CET 2007

CE Whitehead wrote:

> So nothing longer than 94 characters and preferably something a
> bit shorter is needed to be in keeping with the current norms;

s/norms/personal preferences of some posters here/ :-)
> Early modern French (17th century)

Yes, that's short and sweet as far as I'm concerned...

> I note most descriptions of currently registered variants are
> 2-3 words.

...true, you could move the "(17th century)" to the comment if
you like that better.  I like it already with the parentheses.
> I leave this up to general consensus.

+1  At some point the lilly-guilding has to stop, a version of
your registrations already made it into Stephane's new "howto:
register a language variant" as show cases... :-)


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