Valencian registration

Doug Ewell dewell at
Thu Jan 25 14:49:58 CET 2007

Misha Wolf <Misha dot Wolf at reuters dot com> wrote:

> It is true that ISO 3166-2 contains a code "VC" in the row for 
> Valencia.  But the *ISO 3166-2 code* for Valencia is ES-V.

Gabriel's original request used the ISO 3166-2 code element "VC" as the 
subtag.  This is not relevant to the subtag "valencia" now being 
proposed, so I suggest we simply delete any references to ISO 3166-2.

If there are still questions about whether the subtag should refer to 
"Valencia" versus "Comunidad Valenciana," that can be resolved 
separately without bringing 3166-2 into it.

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