Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

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CE Whitehead yazmış:
>> Replying to Reshat Sabiq's comments:
>> +1
> (We need the variants for the orthographies because the modern Latin
> alphabet is a bit different and the subtag NTA is real clear [the
> description should be simply "New Turkic Alphabet" I think]!!!)
>> "NTA, for starters is applicable to what i listed in the original
>> request:
>> az, ba, crh, kk, krc, ky, sah, tk, tt, uz
>> Others could be added later, as needed."
>> NTA seems fine, clear.  I like that better than the year but if it's
>> confusing for non-Turkic then o.k. whatever!
>> "I am inclined to the following for Turkic and non-Turkic, respectively:
>> a. tt-Latn-NTA
>> b. tg-Latn-year, as in tg-Latn-1928, unless you folks think of a variant"
>> ? where is the language here?  That's my only question.
> * * * CORRECTION * * *
> I goofed in the posting above, what I meant to ask is where are the
> various languages you've just listed above; but I guess Reshat just
> wants the two tags here and does not want to order the others.
> However, we maybe might just as well include the other languages as
> well, as, ba, etc.
If i understand your question, languages such as az, ba, thru uz, would
be under a. above (az-Latn-NTA ... uz-Latn-NTA).
tg is an example of a non-Turkic language, also latinized during the
same campaign.

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