Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

CE Whitehead cewcathar at
Thu Jan 11 20:48:17 CET 2007

There was an error in my final comment--what I meant was don't we need the 
subtags with all the languages on the list Reshat provided, and not just 
with tt and tg? (see below)--I was just really tired when I sent this reply 
off yesterday;

>Replying to Reshat Sabiq's comments:
(We need the variants for the orthographies because the modern Latin 
alphabet is a bit different and the subtag NTA is real clear [the 
description should be simply "New Turkic Alphabet" I think]!!!)

>". . . janalif is identical is letter set to the NTA, except that the same
>vowel is mapped to different letters in Qazan Tatar vs. some other
>languages. Still, NTA would identify any of those alphabets w/ enough
>accuracy, since it's paired w/ a language.
>"I tend to favor NTA for all Turkic languages, and the list can decide
>whether or not non-Turkic languages should get a variant name, and what
>it could be. I'm having trouble thinking of a good variant name for 70
>languages. janalif is my fallback if for some reason you turn down NTA,
>or whatever we call it."
>"NTA, for starters is applicable to what i listed in the original request:
>az, ba, crh, kk, krc, ky, sah, tk, tt, uz
>Others could be added later, as needed."
>NTA seems fine, clear.  I like that better than the year but if it's 
>confusing for non-Turkic then o.k. whatever!
>"I am inclined to the following for Turkic and non-Turkic, respectively:
>a. tt-Latn-NTA
>b. tg-Latn-year, as in tg-Latn-1928, unless you folks think of a variant"
>? where is the language here?  That's my only question.
* * * CORRECTION * * *
I goofed in the posting above, what I meant to ask is where are the various 
languages you've just listed above; but I guess Reshat just wants the two 
tags here and does not want to order the others.
However, we maybe might just as well include the other languages as well, 
as, ba, etc.

--C. E. Whitehead
cewcathar at

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