Reshat Sabiq's requests for two Tatar orthographic variants

Michael Everson everson at
Thu Jan 4 10:12:55 CET 2007


I don't have ANY idea any more what it is you are asking for. How 
many Tatar alphabets are there? Why are you also talking about Qazaq? 
Is Jangalif for Tatar? Which Tatar? Why is Janalif mentioned on the 
Russian Wiki page about Kazakh? Why do you refer to Cangalip when 
that term doesn't appear on the Kazakh page (Jangalip does)? Why do 
you mention Qazan Tatar in association with Jangalif and not Qazaq or 
Crimean Tatar? Why do you keep giving Wikipedia articles as sources? 
The subject line here is "two Tatar orthographic variants". Does this 
mean "two Tatar orthographies"? Are there more? Do you plan to ask 
for a tag for each one? Why are you mentioning Pinyin? Are you also 
requesting a Pinyin tag for Kazakh?

Does the word Jangalif refer to one orthography and one orthography 
only? If so, why is it used for both Qazaq and Qazan Tatar?

What am I supposed to read on 
? Or ? 
Or the rest of those URLs?

This is still too complicated, and all your own posts on the subject 
are rambling and confusing.

I'm rejecting the current application because it is underspecified 
and confusing. Please figure out what you are trying to register, ONE 
THING AT A TIME. Propose a tag for a single orthography, with 
reference to books (dictionaries and grammars) using that 
orthography. Maybe then we can address your needs.

You said "P.S. Sorry, some resources are not in English, and sorry if i have to
follow up later w/ more links, as i'm clearly rushing right now."

Well, stop rushing. Slow down. Don't think by inundating us with URLs 
that you're making a precise case. Please, make the precise case.
Michael Everson *

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