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Addison Phillips yazmış:
>> What about ussr1928 or ussr1938? Is it the case that (some of) these
>> orthographies were introduces concurrently?
> Why the 'ussr' at all? There is precedent for using years on their own
> for this purpose (see: -1901, -1996).

The way are see it, the main choices can be categorized as follows:
1) separate tag for each language (note that there's no unicode
character for one letter in the original made up alphabets, but ŋ is the
closest apporximation available):
1.1) janalif (Jaŋalif, Qazan Tatar)
1.2) canalip (Çaŋalip, Qazaq)
Note, that Qazaq also has another variant: pinyin.
1.3) Some of these, do not appear to have a cute abbreviation like the
above, so a year or a combination of a year w/ something would probably
be needed, possibly merging 1.3 with 3 below. 1927 as the date of the
conference would be a starting point for most Turkic languages.
2) A common abbreviation for Turkic languages, as used in many sources,
such as NTA (New Turkic Alphabet), NA (New Alphabet), UTLA (Unified New
Turkic Alphabet), etc. I guess most folks didn't like my abbreviations
from the original request, and i can see the point of desirability of
avoiding latn as part of such a variant.
3) A common abbreviation for all languages regardless of origin. Looks
like ussr1928 is the most appealing suggestion in this category, but
maybe there will be some other ideas.

One thing i would definitely like to see is a preference for a
wide-spread abbreviation, when it exists, instead of just a year, like
1927. So if the decision goes 1) route, i think Qazaq and Qazan Tatar
should get abbreviations, and not just a year. And as you can see,
canalip, and pinyin also automatically denote country where the reform
was originated, in short, they are more informative than just a year.

P.S. Sorry, some resources are not in English, and sorry if i have to
follow up later w/ more links, as i'm clearly rushing right now.


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