The limit of language codes

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Exactly. That cannot be said often enough. Especially on lists such  
as IETF, where to ignore that point is to mislead newcomers and  
potential politically and culturally (whether intentionally or  
unintentionally) as to the territorial distribution of languages -  
for example, such users as Gerard Meijssen, whose msg (below)  
necessitated that timely repeat debate.

On 20 Feb 2007, at 17:06, scríobh Ciarán Ó Duibhín:

> ...
> But in any event, ISO 3166 ought to rename GB to UK.  It is not a  
> matter of
> etymology but of common usage — no one is likely to interpret  
> "computer" to
> mean an office clerk, whereas the correct interpretation of GB is  
> that it
> excludes NI.  ISO 3166 is simply out of step....

Doug Ewell schreef:

> Gerard Meijssen <gerardm at wiktionaryz dot org> wrote:
>> contemporary en-UK

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